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Inertial Profile Testing Services for Ride Quality & Construction

RoadTrac is committed to support the paving industry by performing accurate and reliable evaluations under the specifications as defined by ASTM E-950 - AASHTO PP49-50 and is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of each state. We are a complete high-speed inertial profiler in business to meet your needs for each ride quality specifications. Our family of profilers are state-of-the-art, laser-based longitudinal and transverse pavement profiler and roughness measurement test system. Our profilers are the most precise and reliable profilers on the market today.

Ride Quality Professionals

RoadTrac guarantees that we will use a degree of care and skill ordinarily exercised under similar conditions by reputable members of our profession practicing in the same or similar locality.

Services Include:

  • Develop Grinding Strategy
  • Collecting Profile Elevations
  • Reporting Elevations in IRI, RN, & PI
  • Consulting
  • Utilizing Inertial Profiler Technology
  • Quality Analysis for Smoothness of Road Surfaces or Pavements

E-mail us for more information about our road-testing services for ride quality and construction.


We Also Offer:

  • Prompt Service
  • Written Proposals
  • ASTM E950 Standards
  • Background in Heavy Highway Construction
  • TTI Certifications
  • Certified Operators
  • QC & QA Specifications

Providing You with a Smooth Ride

RoadTrac is proud to be your source for ride quality testing under the guidelines being established across the United States. We are Certified in OK, CO, NM, WY and TX. We are in a position to grow with you. If you have a special need, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff is very resourceful. We operate our schedule to meet your needs and understand wholly that we are only as good as our clients say we are.

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