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Last updated 9/4/10

Projects having GREAT IRI numbers. 

TxDOT very pleased with the ride quality and IRI numbers for their district.

More studies are being done how texture affects IRI placing a good mat We see interesting places

 Buster Paving Project on SH 37  Zack Burkett's SH 79 project  Smooth CPCR on IH10 by CTI


Common practices causing Localize Roughness Penalties on IRI report

Concrete slurry, debri on roadway, header joint, carelessness during paving operation

The wash out area leaked onto the new travel lane This is very common at construction joints WOW be careful this will hurt your IRI

Last Updated
April 2004
US 190 Newton, County
APAC-Texas laid type C mix for Mathews Construction. IRI average in mid 30's. Vic Brasuell was Asphalt Foreman. TxDOT insprector, Chris Maas

APAC operation using MTV EB US 190 Newton, Texas Ace Mathews, Chris, Kenny Pierce, and Vic Breakdown Roller and Operator